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SCI Helvetia Chapter - Action pour le tétras-lyre
Supported project
Action for the Black Grouse

Saturday, June 26, 2021, 12 motivated people gathered around Jean-Claude Roch, a former Vaudois wildlife guardian, convinced of the interest of working for the rehabilitation of grouse biotopes.

Published on 7 July 2021
SCI Helvetia Chapter - Lutte naturelle contre l'envahisseur des Alpes: l'aulne vert - Projet caprin
Supported project
Lutte naturelle contre l'envahisseur des Alpes: L'aulne vert

Les pâturages délaissés favorisent l’embroussaillement, le phénomène a des effets sévères sur l’environnement et le paysage.

Published on 3 August 2020


Safari n.
(Late 19th century, word Kiswahili, from Arabic safara, to travel)
An expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat, especially in East Africa.