SCI Helvetia Chapter - 2ème année pour favoriser le Tétras-Lyre

2nd year to promote Black Grouse

07 July 2022

On the 2 hectares plot fenced by hunters, a herd of 18 goats had been installed. 1 male and 17 females, including 4 young ones, grazed on the green alder (invasive shrub) in the Arpilles above the Col de la Croix (Vaud).

2’964 chf were spent on materials (fencing, water, shelter, salt, etc.).
A voucher of 500 chf for Landi was offered to the shepherd who went to see the herd every day. A voucher was also offered to the logistics manager who manages the equipment, maintains the link with the breeders and carries out the follow-up in the field.
Manue Piachaud coordinates the project and drafts the required documents.
Funding of 67’580 chf has thus been granted by SCI Europe to extend the browsing of alder vernes on 4 other sites of 2 hectares by 2040! The goal is to find serious goat owners looking to summer their animals at no cost. Supervision being ensured by the milkmen who will appreciate seeing new areas open in their mountain pastures.

12 volunteers carried out the installation day on June 26, 2021 and 10 volunteers were present on June 6, 2022, Whit Monday. The wires of the park have been put back and the damaged poles changed. A thread was added (for the wolf) so that the 30 collar goats (ProSpecieRara) were ridden on June 12. Fingers crossed so that the predator is not passing again this summer in the Arpilles.

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Safari n.
(Late 19th century, word Kiswahili, from Arabic safara, to travel)
An expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat, especially in East Africa.