Swiss Section of Safari Club International

Due to changes in society and the need to adapt to current times, the former SCI slogan "First for the Hunters" is disappearing in favor of "Hunters Pride", as is the notion of Trophy Hunter is becoming "Conservationist Hunter".
Many people mistakenly think that the SCI is an association exclusively North American gathering big game hunters African. In fact, more than 70% of its members have never hunted in Africa.
While it is true that it was created in the USA in the early 1970s and that its headquarters are currently in Washington, the SCI has an important international and especially European representation. Currently there are 11 chapters of SCI in Europe and nearly 3,000 of its 50,000 members are European.
The SCI is much more than a Club of Fighter friends. SCI is the world's most powerful lobby to defend hunters and its rights and through its sister organization, SCI Foundation, dedicates a lot of money, more than 300 million US $ in recent years, for the conservation of species wild, education, the promotion of hunting and the fight against poaching.
The SCI FONDATION, is a sister organization of SCI, financially supported by the benefits of SCI and is in charge of educational aspects, social assistance, disclosure and conservation with its own organization chart.
Through advocacy work, alone or in collaboration with other international hunting organizations such as FACE and CIC, the SCI has helped to avoid disastrous restrictions, such as the importation of trophy trophies into Europe. legally obtained hunting or reopening of feline hunting in Zambia.
SCI is no longer based on emotions, but on scientifically proven facts, emphasizing the importance that legal and sustainable hunting plays in the management and conservation of wildlife.
Belonging to the SCI is to be part of a non-profit altruistic association, all of whose leaders are Volunteers without any salary, except for certain expenses of representation for the members of the Executive Committee and for the travel expenses of the Regional Representatives. .
One of the greatest satisfactions and privileges of belonging to the SCI is the opportunity to meet hunters from all over the world, to make friends and share experiences and information.
We need to think about what we can do at the individual level for SCI and SCI will help us as hunters at the collective level.


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Safari n.
(Late 19th century, word Kiswahili, from Arabic safara, to travel)
An expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat, especially in East Africa.