SCI Helvetia Chapter - Deux projets de conservation en Europe soutenus par les chapitres européens du SCI
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Two conservation projects in Europe supported by the european chapters of the SCI

SCI Europe is proud to announce that following the SCI annual meeting in Las Vegas all European chapters have agreed to financially support two conservation projects  in Europe.
The first project consists in assisting Swiss farmers to aestivate their goat herds in the Alps in the Saanenland region, as they did in the past. As a result of the loss of these practices, the varnishes have spread, reducing the nesting areas of the black grouse and thus its disappearance in many regions of the Alps. This beautiful project should allow the reopening of large areas and allow a return of this beautiful bird. (https://www.sci-helvetia.ch)
The second project consists in reintroducing the roe deer in a region of more than 10'000ha in Portugal. An area where the density of roe deer is now very low. In the  past this specie was abundant in this territory.

The different European chapters listed below have jointly agreed to participate financially in these two projects.
Between the donations from each chapter, with the help of the SCI Europe budget and the SCI Foundation in the USA (https://safariclubfoundation.org/) we are proud to announce that these two projects are just the first steps in a long-term effort in Europe to promote the importance of hunting.
The European and SCI chapters in the USA, which have already been working for many years for the conservation of our species and biotopes, are thus formalizing the creation of a European foundation for the conservation of European fauna through hunting and through the hunters who work in the field to maintain our fauna and biotopes.
The amounts collected and made available are sufficiently large to participate in the financing of these two projects for more than ten years and hope, through our annual fundraising, to multiply such projects throughout Europe.

Veröffentlicht am 05 April 2022


Safari f.
(Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts, Wort suaheli, von arabisch safar, reisen)
Eine Expedition, um Tiere in ihrem natürlichen Lebensraum, insbesondere in Ostafrika, zu beobachten oder zu jagen.