Why and how trophy hunting can be beneficial.

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The SCI Foundation has dedicated in recent years more than 300 million US$ for wildlife conservation, education, hunting promotion and the fight against poaching. Its parent company, SCI was established in the United States in 1973 and is today the world's largest wildlife and hunter organization. HEVLETIA SCI is the direct emanation for Switzerland.

The SCI is not based on emotions, but on scientifically proven facts, to emphasize the importance of legal and sustainable hunting in the management and conservation of wildlife.

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SCI Helvetia Chapter -Grand Week-end 2022
Event & Assembly
INVITATION SCI Helvetia Grand Weekend 2022
Published on 22 April 2022

We are pleased to inform you that the SCI Helvetia Chapter is organizing its annual grand weekend from the 10th to 11th of June 2022 in Gstaad, Switzerland. In order to promote our passion, we are...

SCI Helvetia Chapter - Deux projets de conservation en Europe soutenus par les chapitres européens du SCI
International news
Two conservation projects in Europe supported by the european chapters of the SCI
Published on 5 April 2022

SCI Europe is proud to announce that following the SCI annual meeting in Las Vegas all European chapters have agreed to financially support two conservation projects  in Europe.


SCI Helvetia Chapter - La mort d'un lion de montagne révèle le contraste entre les attitudes occidentales et africaines envers la faune sauvage
Death of Mountain Lion reveals contrast between western and africans Attitudes to Wildlife
Published on 1 February 2023

Los Angeles residents grieved the death of a wild mountain lion in late December. The cougar, as it is properly known, was put down by veterinarians when it could no longer stalk food or defend...

SCI Helvetia Chapter - Kenyans appeal to future President to lift "unhelpful" international Hunting ban
Kenyans appeal to future President to lift "unhelpful" international Hunting ban
Published on 5 July 2022

Rural and urban Kenyan citizens have appealed to the future President of Kenya to “lift the unhelpful international hunting ban” that brought an increase in wildlife poaching and missed...


Botswana Community Can't Survive Without Hunting

African Wildlife
Botswana Community can't survive without Hunting
Published on 29 September 2022

Hunting is important to our community (Botswana Community). We must not stop junting. Hunting is creating employment for our children. If you stop hunting what must we do? Where should we go...

South African Community rejects Western Animal Rights Groups

African Wildlife
South African Community rejects Western Animal Rights Groups
Published on 15 August 2022

If the Western countries and the animal rights groups block us from hunting they must know that they are not welcome to SDC (Southern Africa Development Community).


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SCI Helvetia Chapter - Projet Caprin - Estiver des chèvres pour favoriser le tétras-lyre
Supported project
Raising goats to support black grouse
Published on 1 February 2023

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Safari n.
(Late 19th century, word Kiswahili, from Arabic safara, to travel)
An expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat, especially in East Africa.